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Thanksgiving, 2008, November 26-30

Visit to Southern California

Upon arriving, had brief meeting with Dr. Alapour, previous partner, then visited with Paula Lingelbach (no pics) and crashed at her place.


Next am, Thanksgiving day, had breakfast with cousins Brenda and Steve and kids.  Andrew, who is quite talented musically, allowed me and Steve to jam with him.

On the way up from the O.C. to L.A., we met with friends Nikki and Paul in Long Beach.
Allowed two hours to get from Long Beach to the Valley, but were still late.  Apparently, lots of people were going to their grandma's for turkey.
Morning after Thanksgiving, had a little visit at the IHOP, but were all still a little full from the previous evening's meal.
Had a chance to catch up with old friend Steve Berson from the fraternity at UCLA.  What's 26 years between friends...?
Got together for dinner with Mark and Michele Troy and Pam and David Gurnick (pictured here sleeping during the flash).
Got to catch up with Mollie and the Jones.  They just keep growing and growing.
Here with Mollie's sister Merle (pronounced like Merle Haggard) next to Merle (Merlee), with Marc M. in the background.
Merle had a chance to catch up with Ruby, high school friend from the Philippines.  Ruby is a crime reporter in the San Gabriel Valley.  We met at Union Station,
and had a coffee on Olvera Street.
Saturday night, had dinner with Marta, Sue and Rich Okazaki, friends from Harbor/UCLA.
And after dinner, what better way to wind down than with some minor surgery on Marta's earlobe. 
But really, you should be noticing the fabulously remodelled kitchen in the background. 
Marta let us stay at her place, then we returned on an early flight back to Albany.
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