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Ateer and Ferrina Sheth Wedding

November 22, 2008, Atlanta, GA

We know Ateer as he does the neuromonitoring for the spinal surgery cases.  He invited Merle and me to his wedding.  This was our first Indian Wedding. 


At the beginning, by tradition, the groom (Ateer), goes by horse drawn carriage in a procession of dancing friends and family, to ask for the hand of the bride (Ferrina) in marriage.  Traditional garb required.

Here Ateer shows a traditional sword, probably in case he runs into any barbarians in the parking lot.
Merle dances with the crowd,
...while I watch. 
Alright, I also danced a bit. 
It helped to keep warm as it was quite chilly that day.
The ceremony was fairly long.  A spine surgeon from Tifton, Mac Sims, here with his wife Dionne, was one of the groomsmen.  Even he had to sit down at a certain point.
After the ceremony and an Indian vegetarian lunch, it was time for Merle's nap.
For reception later Saturday night, the decorations were quite ornate, with lots of flowers and petals, and complete video team on site to document the event.
This picture taken without the flash shows the background better.
Even the centerpiece, I believe, had more roses than I've purchased in my lifetime....
Merle showing her moves on the dance floor.
Ateer playing traditional drum toward the end of the evening and after a few sips of champagne.
All in all, quite fun, tasty food, and all the best to Ateer and Ferrina!!
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