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Visit with David, Lori, Eli, and Emily in Westfield, MA over July 4th Weekend!
David, Lori, Eli, and Emily picked up Merle and myself at the Bradley Hartford Airport, and we continued south to New Haven where we picked up the train to NYC, but first, a little Dunkin Donuts coffee and snack.
Here, outside of Grand Central Station in NY, I practice my Spanish to ask someone take our picture.  Muy bien, eh?
Off to Times Square to see what kind of deal we could get for some tickets for a Broadway show!
After scoring the tickets, of course we had to stop for a slice at Ray's.
We were then off to Central Park to stroll a bit and check out the scenery.
We found a smooth, cool rock which was a good place to rest a bit.
Eli had the inspiration that we should pose for a picture.
And there you have it:  more bars in more places!
Here's a good one of the three siblings for our mom's scrapbook!
We were then off to see our show, 9 to 5 with Allison Janney in the lead role.  The two other leads, who were taking time off from their roles in Wicked, really had stellar performances. 
It was very cool.

Here we are in Grand Central Station waiting for the train back.  Shortly after this picture was taken, we saw a sign that said "no sitting on the stairs." 

Good thing we're not good readers.

It was a long night.  Back in bed at like 230am.

Next day, July 4, we had a visit from some friends of Emily and Lori from Sacramento, who happened to be in Western Mass. on their motor home trip around the country.  Very nice people. 
Later, taking advantage of the beautiful weather, we're playing a board game, Apples to Apples.  Merle won!
After dark, we went out to the North End Bridge to see some fireworks. 
There was quite a display of Springfield's finest out there!
Here at the airport as Merle and I are dropped off, one last pic.
And one with a kick, at least in my mind, a small tribute to Van.
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