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Thursday, 6/30, we had our next stop in Skagway, AK
where it was a little cooler and cloudier, but that didn't stop the helicopter in the background.
What tourist town would be complete without souvenir shopping!!
Merle and I did another excursion:  hiking along the Chilkoot trail and rafting (floating), along the Taiya river.
Click below for how to make a tree exciting.
The guide explained that after a glacier goes through an area, over thousands of years, the lichens break down the rocks, so moss can grow, and in the very thin soil (which has a lot of silt from the glaciers) the trees can spread out their roots.
He also explained that sometimes the hikers will encounter a bear, and that one defense is to wear bells on their clothing.
What he didn't say is that the way to know if bears have been in the area is to look for their poop, which looks like you might think, except within it...
are scattered bells.
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