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New York City, April 8-10, 2016

We had a chance to join our friends Paula, Salomon, and Paula's granddaughter Julia with her father Luke (not pictured).
We met up on Friday mid day and went to NYC Natural History Museum.
Right in the lobby, they have a scary dinosaur!!
Afterwards, we took a subway to the area near Washington Square, where we saw a singer that Paula knows, who is the daughter of Julia's piano teacher, Nomi Abadi, who's CD is pictured below.
Following the Nomi gig, we returned to Times Square to see Matilda with Luke and Julia.  After the show, we went to Carmine's for an amazing Italian dinner, where here Paula gets ready to attack an artichoke.
Next morning, Merle went a little crazy with the in room breakfast with room service.
We did some walking in Times Square.
And then saw American in Paris and had great seats (that's the stage right behind us!!)
Saturday evening, we went on a dinner cruise that goes around the southern tip of Manhattan,
...including views of the Statue of Liberty, shown here with us on the front part of the ship, freezing our butts off...
And here seen from inside where it was a little warmer.
And now back to our regularly scheduled lives....
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