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First night onboard:  We have a muster drill to learn what to do in an emergency. I have no idea how they got that word, muster, but now we know it's not about passing the mustard.


See if you can tell where the reflectors are on the lifejackets.

Andrew, Emily, and Hanna were cool with this drill...

until we told them the ship was, in fact, sinking.  


Boy, some kids just can't take a joke!!


College Fiord


Our first real day of cruising involved some cool weather and low lying clouds, but our first peeks at some glaciers and ice.


Here is a view from our balcony through some water with icebergs with some scattered glaciers visible. 


The ship's motto here:  bring a sweater.

The trees on the mountain sides are what give the green color.
Aunt Gloria demonstrates how to use binoculars without shivering too much.
Glaciers are cool.
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