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Las Vegas December 18-20, 2009, Guys Weekend
I had the occasion to re-connect with some friends from back in the day, and had some other meetings as well while I was in town.

Before meeting up with the guys, I had a chance to visit with cousins Glenda and Ed, who were in the midst of a frenzy as they were trying to pack for a trip to Florida the next morning, which they had planned, then had to cancel, then got permission to go again moments before I arrived. 


Cousin Glenda looked and sounded pretty good for having been quite ill a few months ago.  I took this picture and then got out of their hair!  

Unfortunately, while on their Florida trip, Ed had a massive MI and passed away.  He was a great guy.  RIP, Ed.     :*(

First, I met up Alan Diamond, old roommate and frat bro, but flashing lights apparently make him sleepy.


We met a little before the others so we could visit a little while, before eating at a place called Stratta in the Wynn Hotel.

The cast of characters starting clockwise with me:



Alan Diamond,

Mark Troy,

Scott Siegal,

Marc Fein,

David Gurnick, and

Michael Etkins

After dinner, we walked to the Mirage to see the Love show, a Cirque production based on the music of the Beatles.
Me and The Gurn.
We had pretty great seats, although hard to tell from this picture.

Photo op with the staff afterwards.


We wound up checking out some clubs, rambling around various casinos, and catching up until about 130am.

Next day, Michael Etkins and I had a chance to visit with our teacher from Encino Elementary, Mrs. Bernstein (now Mrs. Wagman), with whom we reconnected through...surprise(!)...Facebook.
And a little later:
She even brought her own copy of our class pic! 
How cool is that!!!

Then Saturday night, dinner at a restaurant in the Bellagio called The Fix. 


As Borat said, it was veeey niiiiice.

Following dinner, we saw Frank Calliendo, a comic who does impressions.  The show was pretty funny and he reacted well to some heckling.



After that, we went separate ways, and then back to our regularly scheduled lives.

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