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Onboard Activities
Cousin Marty shows some of his yoga moves.
Even Emily and Hanna got into the act!
They even try their hand at meditating,
or for Emily, catching flies....
Towards the end of the cruise, we had another formal dining night.  Everyone was more relaxed...
Around mid-day on the last sea day, they brought out a huge spread of desserts.  They probably thought we were getting hungry. 
Even the killer whales came to check it out.
Later in the evening, here is cousin Andrew looking very sharp,
then falling immediately to sleep.
Chuck and Judy celebrate their 46th anniversary,
and are still laughing.  Good job!!
(however, Chuck passed away in 2015)
Even in Alaska, on the last day of the cruise (on the way to Vancouver), it was sunny and beautiful!!
The Raglunds.
Sometimes the people who fixed up the cabins (the stewards) would do a sort of origami folding with the towels.  Sometimes they would form a shape like a dog or rabbit.  I think this one is either two swans dancing or a pile of poop.
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