Los Angeles visit Aug 15-19, 2018
I wanted to get out of town and Merle wasn't available, so I went by myself.
I arrived on Wed, and got to visit a bit with Nikki (we didn't take a picture together so I borrowed this pic from her FB page). 
Then we had dinner with our friend Paula.
Thurs am, still being on Eastern time, I was up early, so had a chance to visit with drumming buddy Jim Austin, although neither of us are doing much drumming these days.  Good to catch up.
After hanging with Jim, I went to Marina del Rey to visit with Lisa Asterino, and although I had aspirations of riding a rental bike on the bike path, jet lag was catching up with me so I wound up taking a nap.
Then lunch with Marta Valdez.
Thurs evening, we got to meet up with some family at Emilio's for a tasty Italian dinner.
From left:  Louie (off to GW for college, Aunt Gloria, MW, Neil, Rosalyn, Sandi (mom) Aunt Michele and Uncle Ronnie. 
We had a great sufficiency, AND leftovers!
Friday am, had breakfast with Trixi Zilinskas in Calabasas.
Then had a mini reunion from back in the day (Portola, Birmingham) with (starting at 1 o'clock position with glasses on forehead, going clockwise) Randy Moss, MW, Jeff Lang, Ruben Kusnier, Cory Winick, and Tony Levine.
For reference, here's a pic from even backer in the day (?) where Corey (CW) is next to me.  Ahhh, so innocent then.
Friday afternoon, I got to rest and cool off a bit at my mom's house.
(the link below is a very fascinating video!!)
After the swim, my mom had the idea:  Why don't we take the Metro into Hollywood and see if we can get tickets to see a show?
We did...and wound up getting tickets!
First a quick snack at Shake Shack.
You'll never guess which show we saw....
One of the themes of the show was a mother's love for her first born, and here she was at a show with her first born.
She kvelled a little bit.
Sat am, got to visit with Kenny Jacobs at Sherman Oaks Galleria.
One thing about this pic from the younger days is that we looked...
And then visited with Mark Troy and Michele Stein and their two dogs who have a dog house that prevents them from being eaten by coyotes.
I guess while I'm pulling out the "back in the day" pics...
(younger people have more hair!!)
Later visited with Jerry Goodman and Jackie.  Now...
...versus then.
Jackie was my "little sister" in the fraternity days.
And Jerry was just being himself.
That evening, David came in from Palm Springs to have dinner with our mom and me.
BBQ was dee lish and not vegetarian.

On a sad note, on returning, I learned that someone I had known for nearly 40 years, Bud Lingelbach, had passed:

Ode to Bud


Since I will not be able to attend the ceremony on 9/8/18 celebrating Bud's life, I am sharing some of my reflections.


I met Paula and Bud in 1979 when I started working for them.  Although more of my interactions were with Paula, these thoughts are focused on Bud.


Compared to how I was raised, working with the Lingelbachs was a new experience:  seeing what it is like to be up one rung on the socioeconomic ladder.  I started out working for the family, and after several years, eventually made the transition from the help to friend.  All along the way Bud and Paula were respectful, appreciative of my efforts, friendly, and most notably, generous.  My introduction to fine dining experiences was with them.


Bud, as a successful businessman, was also a great mentor.  Although I did not choose the path to enter the business world or manufacturing, through the years, he was always open to discuss business strategies, economic trends, or share tips on what made him a success.


Probably most importantly, he always had a friendly, warm demeanor.  Whenever I would see him, he'd have a big smile, firm handshake, and greet me with "Marky!! how ya' doin??"  When I talked with him, I had his attention, as opposed to some people who are always looking over your shoulder for someone more interesting to talk with.


Although our paths crossed infrequently, he was (and his family have been) significant player(s) in the movie that is my life, and it is with great sadness that I learned of his passing.  Although I also recognize that nobody gets out of this gig alive, I feel a loss now that he is physically gone.  However, his mentorship, his memory, and his spirit of generosity will live on.


Miss you, Bud.  Thank you for all you and your family have given me.


Mark Wolgin

Somewhere around 1985, Bud threw a birthday party for Paula, renting a yacht to take a bunch of friends to Catalina Island.
(Marcia Chapirson, Bud, MW)
Clockwise: MW, Carol Joslin, Elaine Gber, Marcia C., Bud
Bud and Paula attended my graduation from med school at UCLA in 1986.

My  first trip to Europe was with them, around '87, to stay at Lake Como in Italy.

Although I was most surely underdressed, they were cool about it and treated me like family.

Shopping and touring in Italy.
I still have the family holiday card from '89.
Jump to 2011: 
On, a visit to Lake Tahoe, Bud and Paula shown here at a dinner with their neighbor friends.
Bud enjoyed driving his beautiful Chris Craft wooden boat around the lake.
Following the day on the lake, we had another lovely dinner on the pier of their house.
This didn't happen often, but I did see Bud in an unexpected place:  in the background of a scene from the Real Housewives of Orange County. 
Yup, that's him!!!

Yes Bud, we will miss you.





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