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Visit from Merle's family June '09

Here's the cast of characters (playing themselves)

Merle's sister Michelle

Merle's brother in law Joseph

Merle's neice Joelle

Merle's mother (Nanay or Lola, mother or grandmother, depending on point of view)

and MW


Merle and Michelle (can you tell they're sisters?) and Nanay.

Merle and Joelle
Daddy (Tatay) Joseph.
Now a quick picture before the food is served. 
Hey, you all can do better than that!
Okay, that's better!!

They tried to teach me Tagalog, but the only phrase I could remember was one taught to me by another ortho resident long ago, probably misspelled here:


magandang puet mo! (you have a nice butt!)


Thanks for the visit!

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