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Visiting Chateau de Versailles, July 4
Although we woke up early to beat the crowds, we got lost in the Metro system and wound up taking nearly three hours to get there.
After arriving, we waited through 8 lengths of line, each at least the length of an American football field and finally made it in a little before noon to see the palace. 
Finally made it inside the compound.  Here we are in the Palace courtyard.
According to our guide, the gold is 22 carat, hammered into thin sheets, and then hammered onto the surfaces that appear gold, with examples indicated by the arrows.
Who am I to argue??
We even got to see Marie Antoinette.
Here is the chapel from the lower floor.  Note the pipe organ at the far side on upper level.
Upper level of the chapel, seen later on the tour.
The Hall of Mirrors
As we were finishing the tour, I saw a woman who looked a lot like Calllista Gingrich.  Then, whoa! Right behind us is Newt!
Merle of course wanted a picture, and even tried to rub his belly for good luck.
Then Merle started on a rant about how the healthcare bill will hurt the very voters who supported the current administration, to which Newt replied sternly:
"Let them eat cake!!"
(and if you believe that, I got a bridge to sell ya!)
On our tour, we got to see the King's Opera House that was built in under two years.
To the right is Merle in front of the stage.
The ceiling of the Opera house
After the Palace, we toured the Gardens.  At 2200 acres, there is no way to see it all.
The fountains were not flowing that day.
Maybe the King didn't pay his fountain bill.
We did some walking!!
(look how far away the Palace is.)
Possibly the best part of the day:
taking a little nap in the shade on the grass.
On the way back, the train was super crowded, so we went into a local McDonald's to cool off and for a little snack.  We got a diet Coke, medium fried, a hamburger:   and ONE napkin.
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