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I attended the annual meeting of the North American Spine Society in Boston, MA, Oct 26 to 29, 2016, but the highlights were the people I got to visit not involved with the meeting!
So a doctor and a lawyer walk into a bar...
Here I get to visit with Greg Massing, from Birmingham High School days.  Greg is now a judge in the Appellate Court in Massachusetts.  
And I knew him back in the day.
Next evening for dinner, I got to visit with Steve Cobb, also from Birmingham days.
I can attest that the yellow on Steve's shirt is from the pseudo flash on my phone, and not a laundry issue.      :)
And on the last night, I got to have dinner with Marty Green and his son Bronson.
(I think the last time we were together might be documented here)
Here, the flash worked.
Here's how I behave after 2/3 of a beverage.
Last day:  a little sightseeing.
Of all places, I take a photo at the site of the Boston Massacre which occurred just under that balcony behind me.  
That event was either one of great significance for our country, or was almost re-enacted when a passer-by tripped on a pan handler on that corner that morning.
And what better way to finish up the visit than with a cemetery visit.
Dem some ol' bones.
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