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August 14-17, 2014:  Sacramento, CA and Buffalo, NY


Mark and Merle travel to airport in Atlanta.

Mark goes to Sacramento

Merle goes to NY and Niagara Falls for a reunion with her college friends.

For Mark:  After Lori picks me up at the airport, we go to the restaurant where Emily works, where they make burgers out of exotic meats, like Ostrich, Llama, Buffalo.  I was thinking of trying the Bald Eagle, since I heard it tasted like Armadillo...but chickened out and got the regular burger instead. 


Wah, wah, wah....

Afterwards, I went with Lori for some errands, and then we returned to her house where, before going for a run, we met her chickens. 
We went for a run and saw some deer. 
This running stuff is exhausting!
More deer.
Thursday night, went Salsa dancing. 
Afterwards, what else...Ice Cream!!
Friday, we went bike riding with Lori's friend Shelly
and rode around the Capitol.
I guess if that's what they call these things in Sacramento....
Friday night had a chance to reconnect with old fraternity brothers Ben Goldwyn and Bob Eiselman. 
Great visit.
And for perspective, from back in the day, I don't recall every being that young. 
Saturday am, before taking Eli back to Sacramento, Emily shared with me her recipe for toast, and had time for a quick selfie.
We dropped Eli off at his new place in San Francisco.  Went from nearly 100 degrees and hot in Sacramento to almost 70 degrees and cool and foggy in San Francisco.  Thank goodness we had the hour to sit in traffic on the Bay Bridge to steel ourselves for the adjustment!!
Sunday am, before my departure, we had a chance to share some vittles with Bob again, and enjoy his comedy stylings.
And here are a few pics of Merle on her trip with her friends.

Then, we met back at the airport in Atlanta, and drove back to Albany. 


Back to real life.



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