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San Francisco Meeting, Biomet Spine, January 22-25, 2009

While taking advantage of the opportunity to learn new spine skills, MW went to San Fran one day earlier than the scheduled meeting to visit with college pal Bruce Licht, from fraternity days.  Bruce has from time to time chartered a 45 foot yacht for cruising around the San Francisco Bay.  It was very cool, literally and metaphorically.


On arrival to SFO airport, it was raining, but eventually cleared up a good bit.  Here is the front of the boat.

Here's the back of the boat.
We cruised around the bay with a couple of Bruce's other friends and a boat captain who helped with the navigation.  Here's Alcatraz prison in the background.
We had some drinks and dinner in Tiburon, then after dark, cruised back.  We went out under the Golden Gate Bridge out to open ocean, at night, and although Bruce said it was unusually calm, not true for my imagination!!
Ghirardelli Square as seen from the bay at night.  Not a lot of touristas get this view!
As we headed back to Oakland, we leave the skyline of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge in the background.  You know, there are even birds out there at night!  They don't go to their birdhouses to sleep!
Got to catch up with high school friend Harry Jacobs, seen here without flash,
...and here, with.
Lori and her kids came into the city for a visit and some dinner, and fortunately cousin Merle Malakoff and wife Gina were available to join us.  Eli was too hungry to smile.  Part of Lori's impetus to come to the city was that Eli wanted seafood.
Here we are at the seafood restaurant... 
where Eli ordered lamb chops.
And in the midst of all this visiting, I even learned something about spine.  Woo hoo!!
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