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Boston/Dartmouth College Visit

Sept. 28-30, 2012

This visit was for the bros, so Merle stayed home     :(

We met up in Boston, where Kenny J. brought his son Ryan for a little historical tour of the Freedom Trail.  Here, we have our picture taken in the rain at Paul Revere's house which was quite interesting.  The house was built in 1680 and blah blah blah...I just wondered where they went to the bathroom in the middle of winter. 


And you think you have problems!!

We went back to a touristy area on the Freedom Trail, Fanueil Hall, and had lunch in the Quincy Market where, with all kinds of fancy foods, we had pizza and meatball sandwich. 


Gotta do what you gotta do.

That afternoon, we braved the rain to drive the 2.5 hrs north to Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH, to see Marty's son Bronson, pictured here in the team poster that was up in several local shops.  


Bronson is a linebacker and a team captain, with some samples of his talent seen here.


Their game against Penn, was to be nationally televised on NBC.

There was a little get-together for the parents of the players, and here, after some comestibles (that's food), we get to visit with Bronson. 


Although he is a mild mannered guy, as noted with this special photography, you can see that he gets so fired up before the games that you can see the passion burning in his eyes!!!

Saturday am, Kenny and I went on a run through the rustic countryside.  Check out those pretty rolling fields in the background, and the changing color of the leaves.


And more importantly, check out how marvelous I look jogging in a collared shirt!!


(forgot my sweater!!) 

Before the game, we stop for a picture outside the stadium called "The Big Green."


And that was my nickname for Marty.


Pre-game pic.  We got good seats.

Marty's ex, Jennifer (Bronson's mom) and her sister Carrie were part of our entourage...or we were part of theirs.  Either way, it was cool.

Now if only the team had won...



We had a chance to reminsce and visit over dinner Sat night, and then Sun am, Marty drove me to the bus from Hanover that goes directly to Boston Logan airport. 


Bye, bye!



Wait, one more thought:

For historical context, here's a pic from circa 1981 with

Ricky W (aka Romeo, as in wherefore art thou),

KJ (what are you doing with that hand?),


and Marty (no, it's not a toupee) as we head off to Big Bear on a ski trip. 


Yep. Thems were the days.

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