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Philippine Visit...continued (Part III)
On Wed, 6/20, we got to go to Uncle Willie's condo where they had some nice pools.  Here are eight of us crammed into a Ford Fiesta:  1: Joelle, 2: Michelle, 3: JM, 4: Merle, 5: Jared, 6: MW, 7: Andi's head (we left her body at home), and 8: driver Zaldy.
The kids were happier once they got to go in the water.
JM is armed with his squirt gun.
I got to swim some laps in another pool at the condo.
It wasn't the Albany YMCA, but I had to make do.​
On a tour of the building, Uncle Willie and Auntie Annie showed me the view from roof deck of the condo building next door.  You can barely see Michelle and Merle.
However, the resolution on the iPhone camera is pretty amazing:  by zooming in (same pic as above), more detail can be seen as Michelle is fishing JM's squirt gun out of the pool with Merle supervising. 
We can even see Joelle snoozing!
Interesting billboard:  wondered if they brought it to the Philippines from the 1950's.
Later in the afternoon, we got to meet Merle's friend Mary Ann and her husband Gavin, who, with Auntie Annie and myself, increased the number of white people I saw on the trip at that point to 3.
After dinner, while the family visited, I hung out with a chicken, whom I assured that for dinner we had had fish.
Thursday, 6/21, was my birthday.  I got an envelope from Andi that she made herself.  Nothing was in it, but it's the thought that counts
We got up early and traveled from Muntinlupa City to Quezon City where, at East Ave. Medical Center, I gave a talk to the ortho residents about "Patient Selection and Complication Avoidance in Spine Surgery."  AND, they even stayed awake!
I even got a certificate!!
When we got back, I had this little birthday greeting.  Afterwards, I had an unexplainable urge for chicken.   
Andi HBD song.

Andi HBD song.

Watch Now
Partly in honor of my birthday, the group was setting up a feast called Boodle Fight (don't ask me...) where food is laid out on banana leaves, but at this point on the terrace, wind started to blow away items, we moved the tables to a different location under the awning, and by then the weather was calming down anyhow.
Everyone stands around the table and eats with their hands, so definitely should be a family gig!
After eating, we played Bingo, and although there no subtitles, I did see a lot of laughter!!
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