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Of course, we had to see David's office....


This is the marquis as we enter the building. 

The door to the actual office.  Note the matching of the name and the face. 
Clever, huh?
I pose here with David in front of a picture that was in our living room for most of our childhood.  It was like, "hello, old friend...."
David tries to embark on a therapy session with Sandi, but falls asleep almost instantly.
When David started his practice, I sent him a Valium tablet, under glass, to be broken in case of emergency.  I had completely forgotten about this little gem! 
Apparently, he has not needed to tap this resource.

The Night of the Show:  Music Man


First, a lovely Italian dinner.

The intermission was longer than expected.  The performance hall was located in a science building at UMass.  At some point, there was some concern that the building might have hazardous materials leaking, or might blow up, I dunno....the details get lost on me.  The show did, however, go on!!
After the show, the cast is so excited to share their experiences with Van and David.  It is this reporters opinion that this pair is highly regarded, with this information gleaned from my finely tuned eaves-dropping skills used while walking through the crowd. 
My mother sees my camera which I'm holding up in the air taking these pics.
The paparazzi photographer strikes again!!
Smile, Mom!
Just as we were leaving (at end of our visit, 530am Sunday), it was starting to snow again.
Thanks, David and Van!!
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