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New House, Albany, GA
1709 Devon Dr.
Here's the new house, built '04, three bedrooms, two baths, 1800 sq ft.  There are probably more pictures here than you have time for, but what the heck.
Here are rear views of the house.
Merle brought some of her babies (plants!) from CA.  Surprisingly, most made the trip intact.
Here's the back of the property.  There's sod up to a point, then pine trees and pine needles covering the ground.  There are some smaller cypress trees in line at the edge of the property that indicate the property line from the alley in back. 
Total acreage: 0.75 acres.
Now for the tour.  Here's the front door.
Come on in!!
Here's the living area in the center of the house.
To the left are the two regular bedrooms.
To the right would be the dining room and entry to kitchen.
Dining area with raised ceiling.
Front regular bedroom.
Hallway between the two bedrooms.
Back bedroom/office/future man cave....
Door from living area to master bedroom.

Guest bathroom.

Walk in closet.
Master bedroom
Master bathroom.
I call this one: 
"Self Portrait Taken in Master Bathroom Mirror." 
Signed copies will be available on request.
Kitchen/Breakfast nook.
Pantry and washer/dryer.
The 4Runner resting after a 2800 mile drive. 
Cheryl, the office manager, let me borrow this green truck (affectionately known as "The Green Truck") until I could get a car of my own here in GA. 
Thanks, Cheryl!
The houses across the street.  Hopefully we'll get some neighbors soon!
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