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Visiting with cousin Brenda. 
We went on a bus tour with several different stops.  Here we visit a waterfall where the water is very pure and clean.  The guide passed out cups so we could get a taste for ourselves. 
To me, it tasted like...water!!
Check out everyone's cups!!
If you look at the next two pictures of Emily really fast, it's almost like she's coming alive!!
The Manos and Raglund families live in the same community, here demonstrating a copy of their community newsletter also visiting Alaska.
People will do anything for this water!! 
Very scenic view of a long waterfall across the canyon.
And some guy.
I'm still trying to get in the picture.
We drove into Canada briefly.  Then we turned around and got a picture at the sign welcoming people to Alaska. 
The lake down below is where the tour guide had seen bears in the past. 
None happened by while we were there, however.
We stopped at a little lookout point with a view of the city and the Skagway airport, big enough for small planes.
At the end of the bus tour, we had a little hike around the famous cemetery.  There were some fairly old headstones that were actually made of wood....
Behind the cemetery, we had a little hike up to a waterfall, here behind MW and Aunt Gloria.  Very pretty scenery, even though I could hear creaking knees from among my fellow hikers.
Arthur, Judy, Chuck, Gloria.
(...sound of creaking...)
In many creeks we could see salmon swimming. 
They looked awfully tired. 
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