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Atlanta, GA, Oct 4-6, 2013

AARP Convention

We had a chance to visit with Aunt Gloria and Uncle Arthur who were attending the AARP convention which was in Atlanta during those days.  Being over 50 myself, we joined them.


The meeting itself was fairly interesting, and they had some celebrity speakers, with opening by Whoopi Goldberg and Tyler Perry.  We also did our share of "trick or treating" as we walked around the convention floor collecting all the goodies they hand out.

They had some movie premieres with some stars who came along to answer questions afterward.  We saw Andy Garcia with a showing of the movie At Middleton, and pictured here is Ed Begley, Jr., who was in the HBO movie, opening that same day, Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight.


In the hotel, they had a happy hour, and Merle demonstrates her double clutch technique!

Arthur has some cousins Gunter and Linda (seated) in Sandy Springs, which is the north part of the city, and we met them there for some Persian food.  It was very tasty, and they had a belly dancer.  Maybe it's only in the South, but the belly dancer actually had a bit of a belly.
Afterwards, of course, we stopped for some good ol' American ice cream!!
Before going home, we met up with Ferrina and Ateer Sheth, and their son Ayaan to discuss the affairs of the world and the affairs of being one year old.  Major topics included investing, the future of medicine, and I don't want to eat that.

...then back to work on Monday.




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