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Sibling Visit to Davenport, Iowa, June 13-17, 2012
Continuing a tradition that started a few years ago, the Wolgin siblings have gathered in June to hang for a bit.  Merle was in the Philippines during this time, so she was there in spirit, and with a little help from a voice-over-internet connection for a minute or two.

Here is the first of several self portraits with my new iphone.  This picture was captured in the Chicago airport (O'Hare) as we were wrestling with the decision of whether to watch my hand or look at the lens.

Cast of characters for the visit:  MW, sister Lori, brother David, and his BF, Jeffrey.
When we got to the hotel where David and Jeffrey are living (Hotel Blackhawk), I noted in the other bedroom a pillow that our grandmommie had made for us as small kids, one of the best uses of two washcloths and some stuffing that a kid could ever imagine, with this pillow being many decades old. 
Note the facial expressions indicating the pulling of heartstrings...

After a swim in the hotel pool, we had a great dinner at the restaurant downstairs (some advantages to living in a hotel!!) thanks to Jeffrey and David.


The place was called the Bix Restaurant, named after famous jazz great Bix Biederbecke.  Turns out, many things in Davenport, IA are named after Mr. Bix. 


They even write with....      Bix pens....    (sorry about that...)

Next morning, we rented bikes to ride about town, and wound up taking a water taxi (the Channel Cat) across the Mississippi River. 
Here you can hardly tell that I am three months pregnant.
Had a chance to take some additional iphone self portraits while on the water taxi, but my finger kept getting in the way.
In fact, you never know where this finger will pop up....

After the bike ride, Lori and I were treated to a facial (a spa treatment) at Jeffrey's salon/spa:

5ive Star Salon Spa.


It was very relaxing, but unfortunately, despite their best efforts and after all their best work, I still had the same face....

Later that evening, we got to attend the local minor league baseball game.  The game was sold out, but they had extra tickets, and we even got in free!!  Can't beat that price!!!
Front row seats, and reserved seating even!!!
Next morning, Friday, we headed off to Princeton, IL to catch a train to the big city, Chicago.
David practiced his over-the-head-to-capture-himself-and-siblings photographic techniques while we were riding on the train, thus explaining the non-participation by myself and Lori of enunciation of the word "cheese."
After a healthy lunch, we had to get a pic near the Chicago River. 
Fortunately, most passers by already have an iphone so they know which button to push.
Here is the view from our hotel room.  The East Bank Club is a health club where all the Chicago bigwigs apparently work out.  
From a little googling, it's about $500 to join, and $175/month after that.  Maybe I've been in a small town for too long, but that seems like a little bit of dough to me.
This city totally gets us.

We went on a city architecture boat tour, which was quite interesting, but also quite hot.  To escape the beating sun, I went to the shade of the lower level, later followed by David and Jeffrey.  Lori, seen applying the sunscreen, lasted the longest up top.


You go girl!!

That evening, we were able to see the show at Second City, which is the comedy training ground for many famous stars, like John and Jim Belushi, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, John Candy, Tim Meadows, Tina Fey, and many others.  The show we saw was great.
Here, some of the alumni pictures, including Stephen Colbert and Rachel Dratch are illuminated by the reflection off my forehead.
Next morning (Saturday), we walked around downtown Chicago taking in many of the sights, including this reflecting structure in Millenium Park called the Cloud, which looks like a giant reflective kidney bean.
You can take some weird looking pictures in the shiny part underneath.
They had free Zumba in the park.  Lori and I couldn't resist jumping in with the several hundred people who were out there.
Over the Chicago River.
Crown Fountain in Millenium Park. 
Lots of little kids were loving stomping around in the water. 
Lots of parents were hoping for no broken bones.
On our last night there, we met some of David and Jeffrey's friends to hear an amazing cellist Hannah Holman, who just got a job with the New York Ballet (yes, in New York even!) playing cello. 
Here we are with Hannah in the lobby of the Blackhawk Hotel where we met after the gig.

Sunday, our last day there, was also father's day. 


Since our dad is no longer with us, what better way to celebrate him than by remembering him with all his kids being together.






Then, back home.

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